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02.06.2008 22:52

Trash Hombres: it’s in the name itself: trash played by real men. The sordid rockabilly and the rancid rhythm and blues as played by the four “hombres”, who fanatically and full of devotion press upon the public, have only one purpose: to make a hilarious evening for band and audience. Rasyif Kremer on drums and Mark Verschoor on double-bass build a well-oiled rhythm-section, a good and solid base for Wil Sipkema’s big guitar-sound. Marc Kamphuis is the singer, who is very convincing interpreting the lyrics of Hank Williams, Johnny Otis and Kim Wilson. Trash Hombres plays energetic and infectious spankabilly which gives you a fine chance to dance and drink.

And yes, Rasyif “Chief” Kremer, Mark “Doc” Verschoor and Wil “the Kid” Sipkema played together in Fabulous Grit & the Two-Bit Texas Rangers. Rasyif and Doc are also the solid base of Martin Lewis &his Jivemen and we know them from Viva Las Vegas, too. Wil Sipkema and Marc Kamphuis have played together in Less Fortunatos, a long time ago and before that Wil was hyperactive in the Clodhoppers. Kamphuis has been a member of The Proefies, Duo SM and the SRV-men.

Fans of for instance the Paladins, the Fabulous Thunderbirds, Hank Williams (no 1), Ronnie Dawson and the Seatsniffers will have lots of fun with Trash Hombres , too. More than that, everybody who can appreciate a fair piece of music – gets good value for his money with Trash Hombres.


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